Season of Ice and Fire

Blue Rhinestone Earrings by Arx Rosarum (Jyväskylä); Sapphire Engagement Ring and Diamond Snowflake Pendant by CaiSanni (Rauma); Blue Kanzashi Flower Crown by Norda Brilo (Helsinki); Blue Fabric Christmas Ornaments by hennihennidesign (Turku). For the other elements, see the original collage in Polyvore.

Snow... It actually started to snow just when I began writing this post, if you can believe it. Finally! So beautiful. Clearly, the above tribute to Snow Queen must have played a part on it. I have assembled here some some seasonal items from the artisans of our team. Approaching December, we are stepping into winter. It is a time of intertwining extremes. It is going to be dark, silent and freezing, yet warm, social and cheerful. Enjoy the season!

Reindeer Leather Shoes by Reindeer Arts (Kuusankoski); Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament by My Needle's Song (Eura); Felted Wine Cozy by EKODEKOFI; Red Chunky Cowl by Sofia Sobeide (Turku). For the other elements, see the original collage in Polyvore.

How to tackle a gray weekend?

Gray rainy weekends are not always the nicest in this time of the year, but who said that it needs to be boring? Enjoy your gray rainy days!!
In this collection of items by our team we found great inspiration about some things that can cope with these gray days.

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