Autumn is the time of colors

In the northern hemisphere October is the month of foliage, when green leaves turn to yellow, orange, red and brown with all intermediate hues. On sunny days these are complemented with blue from the sky. On rainy days they turn grayer.

It’s all there, like in an impressionist painting. If you are a painter, your task is an easy one. For a handicraft artist, limited to the colors of the components, the task is even simpler. Just pick up few shades and there you are. What is so special then about autumn colors?

It’s all about moods. What is your way of saying “goodbye” to summer and “hello” to winter? Are you depressive or lively and full of expectations? There are again as many moods in between as there are colors on offer.

Have a look at masters for the inspiration: Panthone, CSI or Fashionizing . Etsy Search for “autumn colors in handmade” returns over 20.000 items. I have collected one treasury based on Finnish Handcrafters Team and another one, called Autumn Frosts from all Etsy members. From my own collection I have a surprise: it is violet, a complement of autumn colors. Choose violet to stand out.

Fall Gift-Guide

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It's getting cold outside, but the sun is still shining and the nature is full of beautiful colors. It's the perfect time to start preparing for winter with some gorgeous handmade items inspired by the beauty of this season. Keep your hands and ears warm with asymmetrical striped mittens from Mairea and a stylish pom-pom beanie by The Sun and the Turtle. Compliment it with cozy cowls from Anna Matilainen Design and Sofia Sobeide. Create gorgeous outfits with vintage-inspired dresses by Cherise Design available is various fall colors and style them with victorian-style amber earrings by Arx Rosarum or add more modern touch with copper disk earrings by Solsken Design. Add a cute fall-inspired touch to any outfit with a playful fox necklace by Nellin Shoppi. Don't forget about fall decor for your apartment by adding candles in fused-glass candle holders by Branko Brelih and cozying up your sofa with house-cushions by Beanie on Helina.

Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with a gift carefully handcrafted by talented designers from Finland!

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Our bodies are made up of living cells. Normal body cells grow, divide into new cells and die in an orderly way. Cancer begins when cells in a part of the body start growing uncontrollably and divide, thus creating more abnormal cells.

Cells become cancer cells because of damage to the DNA. A normal cell would repair the damage or die. In cancer cells the DNA is not repaired and the cell doesn't die. Instead it starts reproducing, creating cells the body does not need. The new cells are all abnormal because they contain the damaged DNA.

People can inherit damaged DNA, but mostly those damages happen by accident during the reproduction of the cells, or by something in our environment.

To reduce risk, it is advised that women maintain a healthy weight, be physically active, reduce alcohol consumption and breastfeed their children.

There is a self breast exam, where a women can feel the breast for lumps or abnormalities. Click and zoom in the instruction sheet.

October is the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness. A pink ribbon is the symbol of breast cancer awareness.
The pink ribbon is associated with individual generosity, faith in scientific progress and optimistic attitude.
                      <3 <3 <3                       <3 <3 <3                             <3 <3 <3

Two of our team's crafters are supporting the pink ribbon effort and are dedicated to raise awareness.
How? They will donate percentage of their "October pink sales" to charity foundations for women with breast cancer. The donations will be made in early November.
Help these crafters make a big donation by buying beautiful handmade jewelry for you or your friends!
Visit their shops to find more beautiful creations and support her effort!

InkaFinland is offering 10% of the sales of her pink jewelry to the Finnish Roosa Nauha foundation.
Click here for more pink jewelry!
0,65€ will be donated for this light pink buttons

0,90€ will be donated for the sale of this cute set

0,80€ will be donated if you buy this elegant earrings

LooneyDimitraCrafts will donate 15% of the sales of pink treasures found in her shop to the Greek Foundation for Women with Breast Cancer.
Click here for more pink treasures!

1.5€ will be donated for each pair of roses that you buy
2,60€ will be donated for each pair of pinky kitties

2€ will be donated for those playful pinwheels 

October favorites from our team

This is a treasury with my favorite items of our team for autumn. I like to think that the coldness is arriving. We can go in the forest and gather fruits and mushooms as well as use warm clothes and be cosy. Enjoy!

'Finnish october favorites' by thesunandtheturtle

Beautiful fall items made in Finland

Colorful trivet, hot pad in ...

Black handpainted ecocotton ...

Small Medallion - Birch Crys...

Wooden brooch "vaa'...

Finnish bronze ring, vintage...

Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Degr...

Amber Yellow Earrings - War...

50s style wiggle dress for a...

White beaded leather bracele...

DEER AT REST: Handmade Diora...

JUTE Naval Keychain Macrame ...

One spring day, while chasin...

Vintage amber glass oil lamp

coin purse necklace, black w...

Wooden Cutting board/Tray &q...

Khaki "In knitting we ...

FHT 1st meet up

Three years after the creation of the Finland Handcrafters Team and we just had our first meet up!!

It was great meeting some team members in person and spending hours talking about our crafting passion!
We had a great time discussing about our work process. We exchanged stories on how we started exploring our materials and what inspires us. 

We met at Sello Library in Leppävaara. 
We brought our best mood and we were ready to have a cool meet up.

Check out the delicious homemade muffins, provided by our captain. 

September was a month dedicated to improving our Etsy shops. We worked in groups and helped each other. 

Yesterday was time to celebrate and treat ourselves now that the Mentor Month has ended.
We gave feedback to each other's shop and exchange tips and ideas on photography.

Our team is now stronger and ready for a creative winter in Finland.

We’re looking forward for our next gathering!