Autumn is the time of colors

In the northern hemisphere October is the month of foliage, when green leaves turn to yellow, orange, red and brown with all intermediate hues. On sunny days these are complemented with blue from the sky. On rainy days they turn grayer.

It’s all there, like in an impressionist painting. If you are a painter, your task is an easy one. For a handicraft artist, limited to the colors of the components, the task is even simpler. Just pick up few shades and there you are. What is so special then about autumn colors?

It’s all about moods. What is your way of saying “goodbye” to summer and “hello” to winter? Are you depressive or lively and full of expectations? There are again as many moods in between as there are colors on offer.

Have a look at masters for the inspiration: Panthone, CSI or Fashionizing . Etsy Search for “autumn colors in handmade” returns over 20.000 items. I have collected one treasury based on Finnish Handcrafters Team and another one, called Autumn Frosts from all Etsy members. From my own collection I have a surprise: it is violet, a complement of autumn colors. Choose violet to stand out.

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