Renowned Finnish Designers for Home Décor and Accessories

Finland is a country of design with many world famous designers and design items. In this post we celebrate Finnish designers and their ever timeless designs.

Maija Isola

This Finnish Designer's name might not be as easily recognized as her ever popular Unikko (Poppy) flower print that the Marimekko brand is so known for. This design was created by Maija Isola in the 1964 as a defiance to the owner’s ban on floral prints. Her work for Marimekko consist of over 500 prints inspired by traditional folk art, modern visual art, nature and her countless trips around the world. It is said that Marimekko’s style was very much based on what Maila Isola was doing. In its celebration of Unikko's 50 anniversary, Marimekko pays tribute to bold personalities and people who goes against the grain and follow their instincts in the spirit of Maija Isola.
 Unnika Poppy & Istuva Harka

Alvar Aalto
Alvar Aalto is known as the father of Modern Scandinavian architecture and has contributed numerous timeless designs of furniture and interior fixtures, still enjoyed today. Born in the late 19th century, he has received numerous awards and accolades from around the world for building famous till this day. However in our homes we still enjoy his simple yet functional mid-century modern home décor and furniture like the Savoy Iitala vases and Paimio chair.
Artek Chairs & Savoy Vase

Eero Saarinen
Known as the famous architect behind the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Loius, Eero Saarinen a Finnish American has contributed some of the most recognizable designs in the 20th century. He was also on the jury panel of the Sydney Opera House, a World Heritage building today. Among his many creation is the Tulip chair and pedestal family of furniture manufactured by Knoll and still is the favourite of many design conscious collectors around the world.
Tulip Chairs and Table & Chairfor Knoll
Kaj Franck
Kaj Franck is described as the conscience of Finnish design. During the war he was incited with the possibilities of technology and mass production, especially in its ability to produce diverse practical objects at low cost. His later designs was stripped of everything excessive leaving behind only the essentials. Kaj Franck's timeless designs are still produced by Italia and cherished in many households around the world.
Mushroom Bowl & Heart Bowl


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  2. Nice! Yeah seems like the coolest stuff was designed in the 60's give or take a decade. We walked though Hakaniemen halli and they had some 60's screen print designs hanging at the Marimekko stand. Puuh, so organic shapes and vivid colors!


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