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Etsy shop features DesignDomi this week.  She says her jewelry is : Made with passion of beauty, handmade personal jewelry with that little twist you desire!  Take a moment to read what she wants to tell us about her work!


All around me gives me inspiration to create something with my hands. I’m now “a hint” over 30’s and full of ideas to make, living in Helsinki. In few weeks I’m going back to work in HR, after one year working in another position. This means that I’m what you can call “self learnt” handcrafter in part time. I have master degree in politics and bachelor in finance, speaking fluently also in Polish, because my mother is from there. I have always lived in Finland, but visited Poland almost every year and getting all inspirations from all of my trips. 

For years I made my own jewelry and few years ago some of my friends ask me do make for them too. And that how this small business started. I’ve been on silversmithing courses and try to work with silver more, some says that my “look” is too glam for our Finnish taste, but I don’t care, that’s why I use in my unique pieces goldfilled/vermeil materials and precious gemstones. 

I opened my Etsy store about one year ago and wish to open local webstore too, because I heard that many of Finns are afraid to order from Etsy! Specially older people think that all items are from China, even we made those by ourselves and we are sending them from Finland or another of our countries. I’ve been in Etsy for years with another name and when looking order history, I just try to smile how many different things I’ve ordered during those years. When looking favourite list, it’s thousands of items.. I try to support other Etsy’ans as much as I can, also our local handcrafters. 

I photograph also myself all my pieces and getting inspirations specially with macro pictures. I love flowers, scenes and nature. When you asked from where I get my inspiration, I must tell that from everywhere. There are many ways to find it, f.ex. walking with dogs in the late fall morning when grass little bit frozen or by watching movie about Finnish sauna or by looking in to some inspiring photo

I have many favourite items depending from my mood, but maybe that one “over anothers” is a salmon colored coral set in vermeil and goldfilled metals. I wore those almost every day during last summer, until my mother saw them on me and wanted to herself. They are so fresh with little bit glam and have pretty color. You can wear them with every outfit, day or night. I made them actually in winter time just to have something nice and lovely for our honeymoon in March. With tanned skin they look amazing ;) 

I have many pieces at home, that are not listed in to Etsy. Many of them are sold immediately by my friends and their friends, so I don’t get opportunity to list them. Now I’m back from holiday and full of new ideas, trying to make new fall line. I have few things made already, wire wrapped techniques in bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Trying to combine old and new together, gold with silver etc. trying to broke those lines, if you know what I mean. I will show some new things in my blog as soon as possible. 

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