DIY Hupsu Tupsu aka Silly Tassel

I have been making these leather tassels for a while now. 
You can wear your silly tassel where ever you want, on a door knob, on necklace, as a key chain or as bag accessory. 

Do you really need it? No, that's why it's called a silly tassel.

For making a silly tassel You need:

Scissors or a rotary cutter

A piece of leather. I got mine from an upholstery company for free, you can go and just ask for left over pieces.

One clasp size 2 cm -5 cm, I'm using 4,5 cm clasp. You can also use for example a D-ring.

Textile glue (which I obviously need to buy more of)

And a staple gun. 

1. Start by cutting three pieces of leather. One is 8 cm x 27 cm, one piece 1,5 cm x 9 cm and one 1 cm x 4 cm.

2. Cut narrow fringes on one side of the largest piece of leather within 1,5 cm from  the top.

3.  Add textile glue on the side of the leather that is going to be inside the silly tassel plus in the ends of the smallest leather piece.

4. Start rolling the leather until you reach about 7 cm from the end of the leather.

5. Attach the clasp to the tassel by inserting the smallest piece of leather on the bottom of the clasp and then gluing it on the half rolled tassel.

6. Roll the rest of the leather and you should have almost a ready tassel in your hands.

7. Add glue to the last piece of leather. Don’t add too much so it doesn't show on the finished silly tassel.

8. Roll the piece of leather on the silly tassel by starting where the leather ended.

9. Add a staple in the end of the leather piece to fasten it securely.


Now wear your silly tassel with pride. 

If you want one but can't be bothered by making it yourself, you can come and buy one on 18.5.2013 in an event called Arjen Aarteita in Pacifico, Helsinki. It is part of Kallio Kukkii happening and you find me there among other interesting artisans selling their creations.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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