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Nappikorvakoru is a Finnish term for a stud earring. However, the terms straightforward translation would be “a button earring”. This little sidenote comes to mind when looking at Inka’s cute creations. Her lovely Etsy shop InkaFinland is filled with sweet jewelry made out of buttons as well as resin and glass beads.

Crafting and craftsmanship comes naturally to Inka, who is an educated clothing artisan. The crafting bug bit the jewelry maker early on as she used to sew Barbie’s clothes with her granny’s sewing machine. Through the years she’s come to love jewelry making the most.  “I started my Etsy shop five years ago encouraged by my friends. At first I made and sold little pouches and bags. Since then, I’ve got busier and now it’s more convenient to craft only jewelry; it’s quick to make and in a flash I’ll get new items in my shop. But who knows, someday I may go back to bag-making.”

The talented artisan get’s inspired by 80’s and 90’music, bright colors, stripes and polka dots and obviously by buttons. “I even have three buttons tattooed on my arm!” In addition, friend’s interest in her creations gives Inka a major inspiration.

Inka feels that the best thing about Etsy is meeting your peers. “I also love to take photos of products and list new items. And of course, constantly create new jewelry. It was also quite cool to end up on the front page of Etsy! “

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Story by Kaisa / Beanie on Helina
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