Humor by embroidery: Featured seller Susitaika

 An emboidery hand drawn and designed by Laura.

Mom’s old curtains. Sometimes that's all it takes to spark a crafting career. This is how it happened for Laura, the creator of Susitaika. Out of the curtains she made her first skirt. “It was a simple rectangular piece with a zipper and so ugly, but I felt like a great designer sewing with my moms singer at the age of twelve.”

Today Laura makes embroidered stuff - clothing, bags and adornments for her Etsy shop Susitaika. “My style often borderlines gothic and usually has humor to it.” The hands-on crafter gets the best inspiration by making. She feels inspired when her embroidery machine starts doing a new design and the outcome is still a mystery. Excitement is in the questions: “What will it look like in real life? Have I succeeded in choosing the best stitches? Will it embroider out with no problems?”

Embroidery machine at work - this time embroidering onto organza.

The table where Laura makes all the patterns is surrounded by inspiring objects.

Laura has also successfully tried other web stores besides Etsy. At first she came to Etsy as a buyer. Later on Laura decided to open her own shop. She feels the best thing in Etsy is the community. It’s amazing to get in touch with people from numerous countries. “Just the other week I helped a girl with an Etsy shop to find a local embroiderer. Since she was from Australia there wasn't much sense to order from me because of the postage. For a normal customer that wouldn't much matter, but she wanted embroideries on the clothes she sells herself, so her customers would end up paying a larger amount of money for the final product if she bought the embroideries from me.”

 Laura gets inspiration and designs also from Urban Threads.

A purse made of a book and embroidered by using Urban Threads-design

A necktie for Laura's robot designing dad. The embroidery is based on an photo.

A band logo for a friends band. 

Under the mustaches is 3D material which makes figures fluffy.


Story by Kaisa / Beanie on Helina
Pics by Laura / Susitaika


  1. Feels like this story ends short, I was waiting for more after the last pictures... Like, what are Laura's plans going forward and stuff like that. Otherwise, great stuff! As an owner of a couple of Laura's unique designs, I'm very impressed with the quality of work she does!

  2. Really impressive. I'm always inspired my embroidery but feel that I may lack the patience to apply myself properly. I love your colour combinations.

  3. Embroidery always makes me feel creative. My husband likes to embroidery on caps and shirts as safety rewards to give to his employees.


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