Witty knitting: Featured seller Mairea

We all know how it feels to get cold feet. Mind you, we are now talking about the chillier meaning of the phrase. But no need to worry! Hanna Tjukanov from Mairea has a warm solution, as she makes lovely knitted socks to keep any toes warm. Hanna got into knitting at the early age of 7 when the young handcrafter stole her sisters knitting kit and learned how to knit. Since then she has been knitting for herself, for family and friends and now even for the lucky Etsy buyers.

For her Etsy shop Hanna makes knitted socks, slippers and mittens out of warm wool blend. In addition, she resourcefully uses excess yarn to make crocheted potholders and toys. Inspiration for her distinctive designs Hanna gets from technically beautiful knitting patterns of 1940’s. The skillful knitter has a Master of Arts degree in Furniture Design. “At the moment I’m looking into expanding the product line to match my formal education. For one, I’m planning some new products made with concrete casting technique.”

The adorable mittens are designed for you to be able to literally hold a heart in your hands.

 Slipped into some paint? The witty slippers are designed to look like toes got dipped in paint.

 In crocheted products Hanna likes to play with colors and proportions.

For Hanna Etsy offers a playground to experiment what it takes to build a brand. Through Etsy she’s come to love all aspects of running your own label. These include product shoots, frequently rearranging the shop and designing various print materials. Best thing in craftsmanship is the hand feeling and touchability. “For my day job I mainly work on computer. For this reason I aspire to do as much as I can with my hands on the free time.”

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Story by Kaisa / Beanie on Helina
Pics by Hanna / Mairea

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